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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Wreath Success

So we all know how on pinterest half the stuff seems impossible to do and that Martha Stewart and her posse secretly craft everything behind closed doors.  I found success this weekend!  I thought this wreath was so darn cute and wanted to make it with CCB.

Directions for it are on The Hybrid Chick and were really easy and clear.  With some assistance from a friend I found some printable paper online from Lettering Delights and printed it double sided on some card stock that I had.  I cut it into strips and used my favorite hot glue gun - Old Blue (yes, he has a name) - and made hearts.

I discovered that in order to make sure that you get a good circle shape, it is important to have a multiple of 4 and lay them out on a flat surface.  I made sure the hearts were opposite of each other and all lined up before I glued.

I think it would have worked well with glue dots as she suggested or with staples.

The wreath landed on CCB's bedroom door and she was thrilled.  

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