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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals, not Resolutions

It is that time of year where everyone starts making resolutions of all of the things they want to change about their life. From this day forward, there will be more exercise, no coke or coffee, a spotless house and clean laundry. And, at about mid March these resolutions have been tossed aside because we have no longer met these resolutions. To me, resolutions demand to much perfection and I am so far from perfect.

I do; however, love a goal. Goals give me grace to mess up and start again. Mary Kay once said, "if you don't meet a goal, don't change the goal, change the deadline.". This year, I will continue to make new goals and revise old goals. And because no goal is good unless you share it with others who will support you and your goals, here they are.

1. Create and maintain an organized house and stay on top of the laundry.
2. Move towards a real, organic, whole foods diet ( found a great resource that I'm very excited about).
3. Create and maintain a clean car!
4. Make more time for blogging.
5. Make time for daily quiet time.

There they are, 5 simple but challenging goals to start 2012 off right!

I have my Mary Kay goals proudly hanging in my office and more on those later!

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