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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In which I discover the meaning of "well ventilated area"

You know those expensive hurricane-type vases you see all over Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel?
Yes, those.

So you know all of the tutorials that have been around on the blogs for awhile?  Like, here and here..


I decided to try them today.  The kids and I went and picked up some oh so expensive glass vases at the Dollar Store.  I take them to the nicest places you know.

And then we went to JoAnn's and found some candle stick holders because apparently there was a run on them at the Dollar Store today.


  Meet my friend E6000.  Many other tutorials tell you to use Gorilla Glue.  And that is all fine and dandy, but I do love my E6000. Add a bit of glue to the top of the candle stick and there you have it!  Inexpensive hurricane lamps fit for decorating!

 You will see these the next few days as I post about my fall decorations.  I'm pleased how everything is turning out, but I'm still moving things around a bit.  A little sneak peak of what is to come...
What house doesn't need a glitterfied acorn?!

Just in case you were wondering - a well ventilated area is a must.  We found that out the hard way.

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  1. Went to the Dollar Tree (again...as usual) and found the stuff to make these! I'm going tomorrow (yet again) because I want to make another set. LOVE these! Can't wait to blog about this and give you credit for the inspiration.