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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mary Kay Monday

Ta da!  It's Mary Kay Monday!  I'm going to feature a new product or favorite Mary Kay product on Mondays.  The first one is one of my personal favorites.

Eye Primer

I do not know how I ever lived without this product.  I adore it and it is a "must have" in my makeup bag. You apply it to the top of your eyelid instead of foundation.  It helps to "set" your eye makeup.  Ever put on your eye makeup in the morning and about 3 PM wonder what happened to it?!  Well, wonder no more!  This stuff keeps it on so well.  My eyelids crease and I wear contacts so that means for a great decline in eye makeup as the day goes on.  So, I LOVE this product. 

One of my customers wrote this on my Facebook wall after she tried the eye primer out. 
"I heart the Mary Kay eye primer I got from you last night too! I used [another brand] before and really liked it so I thought I wouldn't like this one as well, but I like it better!!! Thanks!"
Since this is my first Mary Kay Monday, I'm offering a 1 week special on the eye primer!  Order this product from me this week and receive a 10% discount.  Place your order on my Mary Kay  website.  Discounts are taken when I process your card and shipping is always free!  

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