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I am a stay at home mom of two fabulous kids and a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I love my home, family and friends, serving my community, and am always an Auburn Tiger.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our little corner

I've been thinking about what to write in my first post for days.  So think no more, I am jumping in with both feet!

This is my family 

And these are my adorable kids

My big girl, CCB, is almost 5 and VAB just turned 2, and they keep me on my toes every minute of every day!  I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with my kids.  

I love to read blogs and I love to write, so I am excited about this new creative outlet of mine!

We live in Southern Indiana, but my husband and I are both from Atlanta.  After an undergrad career at Vanderbilt, grad school at Auburn, and a brief time in Mobile, we moved up here.  We may be the only family with an Auburn flag flying and a future Auburn quarterback and cheerleader, but we love our home here.

I have my Master's degree in Child Development from Auburn, but I have started my own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

No, I do not have a pink Cadillac (yet!) - this was taken at Seminar 2011 in Dallas this summer.

I love my job as a consultant.  I love that it is my business and I have so much flexibility.  I also love our products.  But most of all, I love making women feel fantastic about themselves.  

Welcome to my little corner of the world!