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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Fantel Time!

What is a fantel you ask?!  Why a mix of the words "fall" and "mantel" of course.  I am not the originator of this fantastic word, The Nester is.  Y'all know how much I love a good nickname or made up word.

While Christmas is my favorite time of year (minus the cold), fall is a really busy time of year at our house.  The anniversary of my 29th birthday and Philip's birthday are both in October as well as CCB's birthday in November.  Throw in our wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving at the end of the month and the Auburn/Alabama game and you have a busy season!  I'm not a big Halloween decorator as much as a fall/harvest time decorator.  It is my "practice time" as I figure out what I want to do for Christmas decorating. Here is what I came up with this year with the aid of my oh so expensive glassware.

 I'm "borrowing" my father's fancy schmancy camera and I'm learning how to use it.  I discovered it is hard to take a good picture of my mantle.
I found some faux (sounds fancier than fake, right?!) pumpkins, pinecones, parsimmons, and leaves at several different craft stores and filled the containers with them.  
I added a few of the glitterfied acorns to several of the containers.

How fun is this pumpkin?!  I found it at Hobby Lobby.  The scrollwork on the top matches our rug in our living room well without being too matchy/matchy.  I'm really loving the bling that seems to be everywhere this fall.  As long as you don't overdo it and look like a sparklepants, you are ok. 

I added a couple of candles for some texture and light and there you go!  The wick is so burned down on these that I ended up putting one of the battery operated votive down in each candle.  No one can tell and it is so darn easy to switch on and off.  And, no wax on the mantel!  That college education of mine is paying off! 

I've had a great time this year putting this together.  I also love that I can change it and move things around pretty easily.

It is my first link party!  If you don't visit DaNita's Blog, Delightful Order, (go now I'll wait...), you need to!  One of my favorites.


  1. Hey Gracie, your mantel looks fabulous. I like to decorate mine as well. Here's a tip for photos, whenever you take a picture that has candles in them, light them first (or flip the switch, haha) and it gives a little more sparkle and warmth to your vignette.

    Also, if you're trying to take a picture with natural light and not a flash, turn the lights on behind you and set the camera to the setting for low light (exposure) Low light might require a tri-pod so it's not blurry.

    Thanks for sharing your home :)

  2. Thanks for the tips Jamie!! I can use all I can get!