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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CCB needs a new pair of shoes

In the past couple of months, I have gotten to experience something that most parents consider "normal".  I have gotten to purchase 2 different sizes of shoes in about 2 months for CCB.  Her foot was a size 7 in July and we are now up to a size 9!  My child's foot has never grown so fast in her life!

You see, CCB was diagnosed with human growth hormone deficiency this past spring.  She has always been a little girl, and Philip and I haven't been concerned until recently.  Our old pediatrician told us not to worry because "we need to have some fat kids and some skinny kids to balance out the normal kids".  I just assumed our kid was one of those "skinny" kids that didn't make the growth chart.

As she got older, her weight didn't change much and she grew very slowly. Thanks to a very good family friend who is also a doctor, he encouraged us to get her tested once she turned 4.  After several rounds of blood work, a MRI and some extended testing at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, CCB was diagnosed with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.  Her body does not produce the amount of growth hormone it needs to produce to grow.  Many just assume that if you don't produce growth hormone, you will just be short.  Not so my friend.  Growth hormone effects every organ in the body.  Without her diagnosis, CCB's lung and heart function could have been affected, puberty could have been drastically delayed, and she still would have been very short.

So, we have been giving CCB daily hormone injections since July and we have seen some growth.  Kids are apparently like puppies and their feet grow first, so we have the feet growth covered.  She has also grown about 2 inches.  No weight gain, but height is a good thing.  Her appetite has improved, but she is still my picky little girl!

I'll be sharing about our journey as the days, weeks and months go on, but if you want to know more about growth hormone deficiency, check out the The Magic Foundation.  It is a fantastic organization with a wealth of information.  We are so blessed to have some answers about her growth issues and the ability to help her body do what it needs to do.  Daily injections were no fun to get used to but, they quickly became routine. I am just so thankful she is going to continue to grow up our happy girl.

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