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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Spiderman and my Ballerina Butterfly are now safely tucked in their beds and mama is glad Halloween is behind us for one more year.  On to Thanksgiving!!  The kids had a fantastic day filled with CCB's preschool Halloween party, trick or treating and all sorts of Halloween fun. 

CCB's preschool class  
My cute Spiderman.  Don't think I'm supposed to call Spiderman cute though. 
The kid candy haul.  We may need to buy stock in toothpaste.
My getting bigger by the minute Butterfly Ballerina.

We  had CCB's 4 month post-medication start date checkup with Dr. Potter at Vanderbilt last week and it was a great appointment!  Dr. Potter was very pleased on how well she was doing on the medication and told us to "keep on keeping on" as my grandfather would say.  She has gained about 3 pounds and 3.5 inches!  Hurrah!  She is still in the first percentile for weight at 30 pounds, but she is now in the 2nd percentile for height at 38.5 inches.  Very proud of how well she is growing and eating.  We are gearing up for the big 0-5 on Friday! 

I'm also gearing up for Mary Kay Fall Retreat the weekend!  I'm looking forward to being back in the pink bubble for a bit and getting some great training and inspiration!

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