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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lookin like a Mannequin

I love love love Sarah Mae's Blog - Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.  She is such a fabulous writer and often makes me think after I read her blog.  She is also the author of a fabulous cleaning book as well - 31 Days to Clean. 

Well, Ms Sarah has started a new challenge to encourage all of us to start dressing from frumptastic to cute and stylish.  She says that many women can end up in their pjs all day doing things around the house and chasing after the children.  Her goal this 31 days is to challenge all of us to get dressed, look great and feel great about ourselves.  And, who doesn't love a challenge about clothes and cute shoes?!  And in this challenge, I don't have to clean my house!  Just get dressed!

While I do end up getting dressed every day, but I want to look like the mannequins at the store. 

No, not the hard plastic look.  I admit, I can be pretty white in the winter though.  But you know how polished, accessorized and classic mannequins can look?  That is how I want to try and look on a regular basis.  Put together and stylish and not just pants and a sweater.  My goal in this challenge is to remember the necklace, the scarf or the sweater.  
Do you know the best part of the challenge?!  I do believe a little shopping may be in order.

Especially for shoes.

And cute ones.

Sarah's challenge today was to get dressed and to try a new eye makeup look.  You know this Mary Kay consultant was all over that one.  

The Get Dressed Challenge!

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