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Friday, October 7, 2011


CCB got her face painted at the Hadi Clown Booth
 It is no secret that us Southerners love fried food.  If you can grow it, farm it or make it, we can find a way to fry it.  And, I would guess that most Southerners were taught how to fry chicken from childhood.  If they don't, they were told where to get the best fried chicken and how to invite yourself to that house.  Or, how to purchase it and pass it off as your own. 

Any Southerner would feel quite at home on Franklin Street during Fall Festival.  For those not "in the know" the Fall Festival is put on by the West Side Nut Club and is the 2nd largest street festival in the United States (Mardi Gras being the first).  Non-profits set up food stalls all along the sides of the streets selling all sorts of fried goodness. 

I've been several times this year and have a new favorite.  I'm a big fan of the fried coke.  Yes, fried coke.  Somehow they put coke in donuts and fry it up and pour cherry syrup on it and top it with whip cream.  No, it is not healthy for you but calories don't exist at the Fall Festival.  Loving the fried pickles as well.  I didn't get a chance to eat the Donut Bank donut burgers or a brain sandwich this year... maybe next year. 

One of VAB just cause he is cute

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